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Residential Electrical Repair Services in MD & VA

Even the most expertly installed electrical systems can need repairs once in a while. Whether your lighting fixture is cracked or you need new insulation on some of your appliance wiring, John Goudie Electric will solve your problem. Our customers love our services, and we’re sure you will too after we repair those frayed wires that keep causing the lights to flicker.

Electrical repairs are not do-it-yourself projects and are extremely dangerous to attempt if you aren’t a trained professional. Some signs you may need electrical repairs include:

  • Flickering lights
  • Buzzing sounds coming from outlets
  • Loose outlets
  • Frequently blown fuses or tripped breakers
  • Electric shock when plugging in or unplugging appliance
  • Burning smell from lighting fixtures or outlets
  • Frayed wiring
  • Worn wiring insulation
  • Hot fixtures or outlets
  • Outlets or fixtures that don’t work
  • Dimmed lights or less power than usual


Do you need electrical wiring repairs in Maryland or Virginia? Contact John Goudie Electric for repairs today before the problem becomes a fire hazard!

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Outlet and Light Fixture Repairs

Of all electrical fixtures in your home, outlets and lighting are the ones you interact with most. When your outlets and light fixtures act up, it throws a wrench in your everyday activities—that’s why we offer same-day service for all electrical repairs.

Dimming lights and plugs that fall out of sockets are both signs you need to call for repairs. When you contact the specialists at John Goudie Electric, our expert electricians will come to your home and diagnose any outlet or lighting fixture problem you may be having, and set to work repairing the problem.

Residential Electrical Repairs

Your home’s electrical system has a lot of moving parts. When something goes wrong and you can’t pinpoint what happened, you can trust the experts at John Goudie Electric to figure it out. If you notice your circuits keep tripping, it may be that you have an overloaded circuit and are in need of an electrical panel upgrade or heavy up. Sometimes all it takes is a few new wires with good insulation, but no matter how small or large your repair project is, you can be sure we’ll set it right. Along with outlets and light fixtures, we also repair:


  • Ceiling fans
  • Landscape and outdoor wiring
  • Home theater surround sound
  • USB ports
  • Car charging ports
  • Electric panels and circuits
  • Appliance wiring
  • Computer network wiring
  • Hot tub wiring
  • And many more!


Residential Generator Repairs

Is your generator on the fritz? It’s important for your generator to always be in working order in case of a power outage. You can count on the experts at John Goudie Electric to fix any generator problems, including:


  • Lack of or no fuel pressure
  • No power to generator
  • Damage to the radiator
  • Improper engine load
  • Malfunctioning controls or sensors


Contact John Goudie Electric for Electrical Repairs in Waldorf, MD & King George, VA

Don’t see the repairs you need up above? Don’t worry! We will repair any electrical system in your home and completely diagnose the problem if you aren’t sure what it is. When you trust the experts at John Goudie Electric, you can be sure we will diagnose the problem correctly and make repairs quickly and efficiently so you can go back to your everyday life. Call us today at 301-710-5968 or fill out our contact form online!

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