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La Plata MD Recessed Lighting Contractor in Southern Maryland

John Goudie Electrical Contractor, Inc. is a master electrician serving industrial, businesses, and residential home customers with recessed lighting throughout La Plata Maryland.

Whether you are building a home or renovating an old home or business in La Plata MD, recessed lighting can be a key element to offer the following:

  • Highlight artwork
  • Highlight paintings
  • Highlight Photographs
  • Highlight a Bookshelf
  • Highlight Collectibles
  • Highlight Drapery Panels
  • A Clean, Modernized Look in a Home or BusinessRecessed Lighting
  • Increase the Amount of Light in a Room
  • Open Up Spaces So They Look and Feel Bigger.
  • Reading or Task Lighting
  • Lighting a Three Dimensional Object
  • Lighting a Fireplace
  • Lighting a Sculpture
  • Lighting a Flower Arrangement
  • Lighting a Home Theatre Room
  • Kitchen and Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Sizing Recessed Light Fixtures in Southern MD

Recessed light fixtures offer standard line voltage, low voltage halogen, or fluorescent fixtures. The basic sizes are 4-, 5-, or 6-inches in diameter. The 6-inch fixtures can be used in tall entryways or two-story hallways, while the smaller 4-inch sizes work better in smaller spaces.