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Ceiling Fan Installation and Wiring in Southern Maryland and Northern Virginia


Improve Air Flow and Add a Touch of Style to Your Home with a Ceiling Fan Installation by John Goudie Electric

Adding a ceiling fan to the rooms in your home won’t just add aesthetic appeal, it will also help cut down on your energy bills. In the winter, if you put your fan in the reverse setting, it will pull up the heated air and disperse it throughout the room. During the summer, leaving your fan on all day will increase air flow and create a cool breeze throughout your home.

Fans can also be decorative and complement your home’s style. You can find ceiling fans in every style, from modern to classic and on to industrial and even historic. Whether you want to install a ceiling fan to improve air flow or add to your home décor, you can trust John Goudie Electric to wire and install it for you.

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Ceiling Fan Wiring in Southern MD & Northern VA

Even though many homeowners like to tackle DIY projects, ceiling fan wiring and installation requires the technical knowledge and skills of an electrician. If there is any kind of installation involving electrical power, you should always call a licensed electrician. John Goudie Electric’s Master licensed technicians have the skill and experience to breeze through any installation, even if it involves wiring relocation or wiring replacement.

We can install any type of ceiling fan in any place—even vaulted ceilings and angled ones! Wherever you can dream it, if it’s possible, we’ll get it done right.

Ceiling Fan Installation Process

The first step a ceiling fan installation electrician will take during an installation is to decide on the best kind of electrical box to use. Some older houses may not have the electrical capacity to run all your current appliances as well as a ceiling fan. In this case, we would recommend installing a new separate circuit so you never have to worry about shorting out other circuits when you turn on your fan. Sometimes the electrician may even recommend an electrical box replacement or upgrade to support a brand new fan.

Properly wiring all the components is the next step in ceiling fan installation. Numerous homeowner accidents occur during appliance installation since they’re not really acquainted with wiring. An electrician is aware of the power of electricity and has a lot of experience dealing with it in a safe and proper manner.

Knowing how much weight a ceiling can bear is another factor needed in order to safely install a fan. An electrician can determine how big a ceiling fan should be to keep the ceiling from having too much weight and which kind of bracket must be used to keep the ceiling fan in position.

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