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Standby Backup Generator Installation in Southern Maryland

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Residential & Commercial Generator Install Services in Bowie MD

John Goudie Electrical Contractor, Inc. is a master electrician serving industrial, businesses, homes, residential and commercial customers with the installation of standby backup generators in the Southern Maryland areas.

Don’t Get Caught in the Dark in Southern MD! Standby Back-Up Generator Systems

Does your home lose electrical power for a long period of time during an ice snow or heavy rain storm?

Hours, days or weeks of time can be lost due to rain or snow storms causing electrical power outages. We can accommodate your needs during a power outage depending on the size of the generator. John Goudie Electrical Contractor can wire a back-up home generator that will power:

  • Several Key lights in house (bath, kitchen, bedrooms)Generac home back-up generators
  • Heat or Cooling HVAC Sources
  • Fireplaces
  • Kitchen Appliances like Microwaves & Refrigerators
  • Television
  • Sump & Well Pumps

Goudie Electric Installs Generac Home Backup Generators in Southern MD

Generac home backup generator senses a power outage, turns on automatically, and delivers backup power to your home or business until utility power returns.

Manual Transfer Switches

In case of a power outage, a manual transfer switch will allow you to safely transfer power from generator to your electric panel enabling you to power your entire home or choose the more important circuits to work until the power utility company restores electricity to your home or business.

Standby Generators in Southern MD

With a standby generator installed in your Southern MD home or business, you will not have to leave your seat in case of a power outage! Within seconds of losing power, your standby generator will engage and bring power back to your home or business like it was never lost.