Prepare for Maryland’s Summer Storms with a Backup Generator

In Southern Maryland and Virginia, stormy weather is not at all uncommon. High winds, torrential rain, lightning—each one poses a risk to your home or business’ electrical system and can lead to electrical failures that will leave you in the dark.

Worried about this season’s storms and not sure what to do? The master electricians at John Goudie Electric have a solution lined up just for you: backup generator installation.

What Is a Backup Generator?

Unlike the more simplistic and limited portable generator, a backup generator is installed with the idea of powering all of your essential electrical systems if an outage occurs. This could be your lights, your HVAC systems, refrigerators, power equipment, or more. A generator can be chosen to power all of the devices in your home or business, or it can be set to operate only what you consider to be the “essentials” (in the case of a managed generator system).

Backup generators are typically installed in a permanent location, often a standard set feet away from your structure outdoors (for safety reasons, a generator should always be used, stored, and operated outdoors). In the event of power loss, the generator can either be manually switched on, or in the case of an ATS-equipped standby generator, the system will detect an outage and switch to auxiliary power autonomously.

What Are the Advantages of Backup Generators During Summer Storms in MD & VA?

In addition to lacking the limiting factors of a portable generator, a standby power system can offer a variety of distinct advantages that include:

  • Far safer power generation. Standing in the midst of a disaster is precisely the wrong time to want to go haul out, plug up, and attempt to operate a generator. With a standby system, and particularly one outfitted with an automatic transfer switch, you needn’t lift a single finger or handle any cables or power systems at all.
  • Extended power supply. In storm-heavy areas like ours, we can anticipate having to cope without power for hours, or even days or weeks at times. A standby generator can supply you with a safe source of power for as long as you need it, ensuring you’re always safe and never have to skip a beat in your daily life.
  • Fuel source versatility. Standby generators can be fuelled either through propane tanks or by hooking them directly to a natural gas supply from a utility company. Either option affords you certain advantages, giving you the power to choose what best suits your needs.
  • Protection for you and your home or business. A loss in power presents enough troubles and safety issues, but these are made even worse by the fact that you can stand to lose plenty of perishable items such as food, medicines, and more. With a standby generator installed in your Maryland home or business, you needn’t worry at all. 

How Do I Size a Generator?

How a generator is sized depends most heavily on your particular electrical needs. Do you wish to power just the basics, such as lights and heating or cooling? Or would you rather have a system that can cover absolutely everything? Each additional appliance, tool, or circuit added to your total load needs will alter the “size” of your chosen generator.

We know it can be hard to determine all of this all on your own! For additional in-depth information, please feel free to check our extensive guide on the topic, and give us a call for professional backup generator installation in Southern Maryland.

Whole-Home Standby Generator Services in MD and VA

Ready to prepare your home or business for the coming summer storms? With the master electricians at John Goudie Electric on your side you’re virtually guaranteed the ideal service and installation.

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