Southern Maryland Electrical Panel Upgrades

Helping You Keep Up with Increased Power Demands in Northern VA & Washington DC

Modern technology moves at an alarming rate, making leaps and bounds nearly every year. With it, our quality of life can increase vastly through improvements, gadgets, and improved methods of control. The trouble is that most of these require more and more electricity to operate optimally (or even properly, for that matter). If your electric panel does not have enough amperage to handle all of these devices, you will notice your breakers tripping more and more frequently. Not only is this quite frustrating to deal with, but over time, the situation can create hazardous risks of electrocution and electrical fire, unless you schedule for powerful Southern Maryland electrical panel upgrades.

At John Goudie Electric, our certified electricians offer superior panel upgrade services throughout Southern Maryland and Northern Virginia, including but not limited to:

  • Electric panel repair
  • Electric panel installation
  • Electric panel replacement
  • Wiring
  • Heavy ups

Contact us now at (301) 945-7688 if you want to know more about our full support for any issue with your panel.

What Is an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

Put very simply, your panel is a series of wires and switches, also known as breakers, which dictates where power goes in your home, and how much goes to each circuit. Your panel is responsible for meting out the appropriate amount of voltage needed to power a set of outlets in your home, often related to specific areas or rooms. Essentially, the panel dictates the “maximum capacity” of electricity within your home. An upgrade aims to optimize and update breakers and wiring to ensure your electricity needs are met, and that everything remains safe.

I was thrilled with their efficiency and customer service.  He arrived the same day, identified the problem quickly and after the part I needed came in he was back right away to install.  They even sent me a thank you for my business card!  This is a company with superior electrical skills and top-notch customer service.

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When Do I Need to Schedule Electrical Panel Upgrades or Replacement?

Even though panels are built to be very powerful, sometimes they simply do not have enough capabilities to provide energy to all of your devices, especially if these are quite large. Thus, when your current panel is no longer meeting your needs, you are going to need a new replacement or at least a full upgrade. 

The right time to arrange for an upgrade for your panel can come in a variety of situations, including:

  • Installation of large or new appliances – Usually, when you add any larger devices to your home, from new stoves to hot tubs, your electrical service will need an upgrade to meet the demand.
  • Home expansion, remodeling, or home construction – Renovations, whether large or small, will likely require additional amperage.
  • The presence of constantly flickering lights or frequent breaker flips – These signs indicate that your current amperage is not enough to handle your current system, and you will need a heavy up to accommodate the required amount of power.
  • Your current system still uses a fuse box – When it comes to maintaining the electricity in your home, breakers are simpler, more effective, and are safer at higher capacities than a fuse box.
  • Your current panel hasn’t been upgraded in a decade or more – Panels that are over 20 years old are likely to have suffered corrosion over time and should definitely be replaced.

Whenever you are looking for reliable electrical panel upgrade services near you because your system is no longer sufficient, just reach out to John Goudie Electric.

Call us today at (301) 945-7688, or reach out to us online to ask any questions related to Southern Maryland electrical panel upgrades.

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