Why Do My Electrical Outlets Have a Burning Smell?

Burning smells in your house can be scary, especially when you can’t work out where they are coming from. Quite often the smell will resemble the scent of burning plastic and will signal that something suspicious is going on with your electrical work.

If you can smell a burning smell somewhere in your house, it is always important not to ignore it. Sometimes this burning smell may be coming from an electrical outlet in your house, if this is the case you will need a professional to safely assess the issue. However, it can be good to know what may be the cause of this burning smell and what to do.

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Reasons Why Your Outlets Have a Burning Smell

The first thing you will need to try and work out is which electrical socket the smell is coming from. This means getting close enough to smell each socket till you can narrow down the culprit.

Once you have worked it out, switch off the electricity to this outlet by finding the right breaker switch. The reason there may be a burning smell could be due to many things, such as:

Any of these issues that cause a burning smell in your outlets will need to be looked at by a trained electrician. Remember the most important thing to do is to sniff out where the smell is coming from and switch off the panel to that area.

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Other Signs to Watch for

There are other signs that there is a problem that may show up alongside the burning smell. These signs may include an outlet cover that is discolored, receiving a tingling feeling when you first plug in a small electrical device, an outlet that is hot when touched or popping or sizzling sounds coming from the outlet.

Whether these signs are evident or you just smell the burning smell, it is important to have the problem looked at as soon as possible by a professional electrician in the Southern MD and Northern VA areas.

Why You Should Call a Southern Maryland Electrician

Electrical work is not something you want to fiddle with on your own unless you are fully trained. Working on your home’s electrical work in a DIY capacity could lead to bigger issues and you may end up electrocuted or causing major damage to your home.

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