Outdoor Lighting Techniques

Using the right set of outdoor lighting techniques can serve to highlight the most attractive and important features of your landscape, or even to improve home security. Lighting can act as a frame to accentuate, or it can even stand alone to provide a new and exciting look to your home! But there are loads of options to choose from, and finding that perfect fit for your wants and needs can be a little hard. Who better to help you choose the right outdoor lighting for your home than the certified master electricians at John Goudie Electric!

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Outdoor Lighting Techniques: A Brief Guide

Your options are nearly endless, so how do you find the right fit for your landscape? It all comes down to your needs and wants, and how these methods apply:

  • Path Lighting. Path light provides a double-function. One, it improves the safety of traversing your landscape, illuminating the correct path around gardens or fixtures, and to your home. Additionally, it creates an inviting, gorgeous look that can serve to accentuate attractive walkways.
  • Accenting and Flood Lighting. Also called spot lighting, this style is often used to highlight particularly attractive features such as a gazebo, sculptures, or hardscape fixtures.
  • Wall-Washing. A technique typically used to illuminate broad, empty walls, wall washing is best accomplished with wide flood lighting. This is installed at a specific height or angle to illuminate the beauty of your home, a small garden, shrubbery or other greenery.
  • Highlighting.  Pretty much the most often used method of outdoor lighting, you can find highlighting in many yards. This style is accomplished by simply installing a flood-style or spot light at the base of trees, hardscape fixtures or even walls to cast light upward, thus ‘Highlighting’ the fixture.
  • Water Lighting. Or “underwater lighting” is used to illuminate spa, pool or pond areas to highlight the beauty of water fixtures in your landscape. Excellent at providing gorgeous ‘dancing’ light that plays very well with sculpted landscapes.
  • Cross Lighting. If you have one, singular piece that plays the star role in your landscape, cross lighting is the way to show it best in the evenings. This uses two light sources literally crossing, and can create dramatic shadows and excellent visibility of your most prized fixture.
  • Shadowing and Silhouetting. These styles aren’t exactly the same thing, but they follow a similar principle. These are best used with exotic, unique looking plants and structures, and will literally transform these items into a shadowy, mysteriously appealing fixture.
  • Safety Lighting and Security Lighting. These light styles serve a more pragmatic purpose, intended to improve the quality of safety and security of your home. All lighting can assist in deterring vandalism and theft, but security lighting does it best!

Landscape & Outdoor Lighting in Southern MD & Northern VA

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