Electrical Surge Protection Tips

The term “Power Surge” is one we hear often, whether you’re an electrician or even your everyday homeowner. But we generally find there’s a lack of understanding of what a power surge actually is, why it’s dangerous to you and your home, and how to properly avoid one from occurring.

To the experts at John Goudie Electric, the only thing more important than peerless service is safety. We’ve built a list of the best tips to ward off a power surge, and how to protect your home!

What Is a Power Surge?

So what exactly is a power surge? Well, put simply a surge is an event where the electrical current running to or in your home is temporarily boosted past the point of safety. This event is extremely brief, happening within a tenth of a second, but even so, can do serious harm to your home and appliances.

Surges can be caused by a very wide variety of situations. The most common cause is through the use of high-powered appliances and tools (fridges, microwaves, power tools, space heaters, etc.) that create a sudden massive demand in power from your home’s supply. Other possibilities include faulty wiring, issues with the supply grid, and other situations. This is why we place such importance on upgrading and repairing wiring and breaker boxes so much!

Surge Protection Tips: How To Protect Your Home And Yourself

At least some measure of surges are bound to happen at one point or another. We’ve all seen them (flickering lights and stuttering electrical equipment are common signs), but what we want to cover is how to ensure you’re safe. Some easy tips include:

  • Surge protectors. One simple tool is, of course, the use of a surge protector system. Be aware that not all power strips are equipped with a surge protector. Ensure that when you purchase one, you’re getting the right thing. The use of these is particularly important for sensitive home equipment, such as personal computers, tablets, and other entertainment devices. Look for switches that delegate electrical power to various plugs, as this gives you an option to avoid overusing energy, and reduces electrical appliances' energy “leeching”.
  • Install more outlets. The electrical demands of a modern home far outpace the outlets available in homes that are even ten years old. More outlets improve convenience, and spreads out your electrical burden, lessening the risk and dangers of a power surge.
  • Update your current outlets. Is your home equipped with grounded outlets? We should hope so since grounded outlets have been “code” since the sixties, but many homes to this day use ungrounded outlets. Grounded outlets are the ones that have three holes (Two vertical slits, and one semi-rounded hole in the center bottom for the “ground” wire). These help to mitigate the dangers of a surge, and protect your appliances from damage, and your home from fires!
  • Repair faulty wiring. Aged, damaged and faulty wiring can pose a serious risk when surges occur. Over time, the wear on your wires will increase, and each and every surge or energy spike could trigger property loss!

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