When Do You Need Dedicated Circuits?

If you’ve spent any time with an electrician in the past, you’ve likely heard the mention of “dedicated circuitry.” But what exactly is a dedicated circuit and why do you need them? And a better, more useful question, when do you need them? You may have questions and the experts at John Goudie Electric have the answers!

We’ve been providing dependable electrical services to Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland for nearly three decades and at John Goudie Electric your needs are always our top priority. It’s our philosophy that a well-informed consumer is a smart and effective one. And with a little education from our specialists, we hope to bring some light to what a dedicated circuit is and when you need them most.

What Is a Dedicated Circuit?

Put simply, these circuits are used to power specific appliances throughout the home (or your business) without risk of overloading. A dedicated circuit differs from a standard circuit in that it is only used for a single purpose, tool, or appliance. These are most often tools and equipment that demand a large amount of power to operate and create a large draw on your home’s electricity.

With a dedicated circuit, there is no risk (well, less risk) of overloading, or tripping a breaker when the equipment is in use. These circuits are actually code as well, as without them your home is at greater risk of electrical fire and electrical failure.

When Do I Need Dedicated Circuits?

Essentially any time you’re using an appliance that draws large amounts of power. Many of them are obvious, but some of the recommended appliances that use dedicated circuits might be a bit surprising. You need dedicated circuits for:

  • Washers and dryers
  • Refrigerators
  • Heating and cooling equipment
  • Sump pumps
  • Microwaves
  • Ranges and ovens
  • Dishwashers
  • Hot tubs and similar recreation fixtures
  • Garbage disposals
  • Portable or stand-alone freezers

Beyond these appliances, it’s highly recommended that you have at least one outlet per floor of your structure that is wired to a dedicated circuit. This is very useful (and much safer) when you choose to operate high-draw portable equipment. Many homeowners use dedicated outlets to power space heaters, blow dryers, vacuum cleaners, and other sometimes-used items that eat up electricity. This not only ensures you have the power on-demand that you need, but it also reduces the risk of flickering lights and breaker flips when attempting to use these items.

Dedicated Circuit Wiring with John Goudie Electric

If you lack dedicated circuits for any of the appliances we discussed above, contact our master electricians to rectify that issue! We bring all of the high-quality skill and service needed to make circuitry and wiring installation a quick, painless process that guarantees your complete satisfaction!

Not sure if your current appliances are on dedicated circuits? It can be hard to tell for the average homeowner. But don’t worry, if you’re unsure, our experts can give you the answers you need! We can determine if your home needs dedicated wiring, and if so, we’ll have everything set straight in no time.

Need dedicated circuit installation for your Northern Virginia home? Contact the master electricians at John Goudie Electric today!