Dangers of Faulty Pool Wiring

Everyone knows that water and electricity don’t mix, but when it comes to your pool, electrical components are a vital part of its safety and operation. Lighting and filtration systems, pumps, and other items utilize electrical current, but if installed incorrectly or using substandard materials, they can pose a deadly threat.

The experts at John Goudie Electric have been providing safe, reliable service to homeowners in Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland since 1987 and will help ensure you avoid the dangers of faulty pool wiring by doing it right the first time.

Avoid Faulty Pool Wiring

Proper installation, maintenance, inspection, and repair of your pool’s electrical system by a trained, certified professional is the best way to avoid the hazards associated with faulty pool wiring, which can include:

  • Costly repairs. Loose connections, incorrect wiring sizes, and other issues that may arise from installation by an unqualified or inexperienced individual or company can result in frequent, costly repairs.
  • Damage to equipment. Permanent damage to electrical components such as lighting, pumps, or timers, from fire, surges, or premature wear and tear can occur as a result of faulty pool wiring.
  • Poor performance. Your pool functions at its best when all the electrical components are in good working order.
  • Electrical shock. Both chlorine and water are great conductors of electricity, highlighting the dangers of faulty pool wiring. When one or both of these elements are combined with the voltage from electrical components, those who are in or around the pool can experience an electric shock, ranging in intensity from mildly uncomfortable to lethal.

Pool Wiring Warning Signs

In addition to regular, professional inspection, maintenance, and repair, it’s important to be able to recognize the signs of faulty pool wiring to avoid the dangers listed above. If you experience any of the following, stop using your pool immediately and call for professional assistance:

  • Strange noises. Popping, sizzling, humming, or buzzing noises coming from lights or another electrical equipment signal a need for further investigation by a certified electrician.
  • Low-grade electrical shock. If any of the inhabitants of the pool experience a buzzing or tingling sensation near lights or other components, it is likely the result of faulty pool wiring—signaling the need for immediate evacuation until repairs can be made.
  • Inoperable pump or filter. Mold growth, mounting debris, and the absence of noise are all signs your pump or filter are no longer operating and may be the result of faulty wiring.
  • Odd behavior from lighting. Pool lights that are burned out, blinking, or flickering, are all red flags that point towards an electrical issue.

Minimize Your Risk

The best way to avoid the dangers of faulty pool wiring is to hire a licensed professional to do all installations, inspections, repairs, and maintenance. Other tips to minimize your risk include:

  • Upgrade your lighting. Depending on the age of your pool, you may want to consider upgrading your light fixtures to more modern versions, which comply with the latest safety standards and regulations.
  • Have regular inspections. If buying a home with a pool, installing a new pool, or maintaining an older pool, schedule an electrical inspection to ensure all the components are up to code, in good working order, and free of faulty wiring.
  • Clear the deck. Keep other electrical devices and cords a minimum of six feet from the edge of the pool.
  • Have a plan. What would you do in the event your pool became electrified? Discuss emergency protocol with family members, including how to turn off the power, having occupants evacuate safely, and calling 911 to deal with injuries.

Expert Pool Wiring with John Goudie Electric

We never want our patrons to be confused, unhappy, or dissatisfied with our efforts. And to ensure that never happens, we offer a complete, 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our electrical services! This way when you work with a master electrician at John Goudie Electric, you can rest assured that you’re getting the absolute best Maryland can provide.

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