Electric Car Charging 101

Familiar with the phenomenon of electric and hybrid vehicles? They kind of sprouted suddenly and blew up the market all at once. Now suddenly tons of drivers are opting for electric. But why? What makes electric vehicles so great and how did they get past that initial rough patch a decade or so ago? Let’s discuss!

Electric Vehicles: A New Thing?

You might expect electric vehicles to be a modern thing; a product of the information age where manufacturers, inventors, and designers are desperately searching for alternatives to fossil fuels. But in actuality, electric vehicles (EVs for short) have been in the works for a long, long time.

It actually started in the 1800s, when electric motors were first invented. There weren’t any full-fledged cars on the road at the time, of course, but a few inventors played around with model vehicles using electric motors. By the early 1900s, there were actually tons of full-fledged electric vehicles on the road—more than a third of all cars at the time, in fact. So what happened? Gasoline.

Gas-powered vehicles hit the market like a truck (no pun intended). They were faster, more powerful, and lasted much, much longer. And so electric vehicles were pushed into the sidelines time and time again, though many attempted to revive them. So why are they popular again? Simply put, technology caught up! Modern electric vehicles are fast, strong, convenient, and provide a ton of benefits over their gas-powered counterparts for the first time ever.

How Do Modern Electric Vehicles Work?

This is potentially a very, very long topic, so we’ll just hit the basics here. Though we would encourage some further study on your part. Unlike a gas vehicle, the gas tank, lines, CC, and muffler are all replaced by semi-complex electronic components. The “plumbing” of a gas car is replaced by “wiring”, creating a vehicle that is equally if not more powerful that operates off of an internal rechargeable battery.

There are a lot of great perks for modern electric vehicles as well, including:

  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • A smoother ride than any gas-powered vehicle
  • Cheaper to operate than gasoline vehicles (by a pretty wide margin)
  • Lower emissions and a reduced carbon footprint
  • Responsive and powerful acceleration

Modern Homeowner Convenience

Another major factor in the success of EVs today is the availability of residential EV charging stations. A few years back there were only public ports and they were limited, slow, and could occasionally be hard to find—making electric cars hard to deal with outside of the city. No longer!

Home charging stations can now provide easier access to a charging system that is fast, effective, convenient, and all-around adds to the already convincing benefits of an electric vehicle. These ports are basically a “plug and play” system, allowing owners to simply plug in the vehicle while parked at home and the car is ready to roll again within a few hours. These charging ports can be installed essentially anywhere, usually in a garage or near where the vehicle is parked in a driveway.

Electric Car Charging Port Installation in MD & VA

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