Why Are My Lights Buzzing?

We’ve all heard it at one time or another. That usually slightly quiet, insistent, and eventually maddening buzz or hum coming from a light source. It can be found in the home, in your business, outdoors—pretty much anywhere. What is that and how can you stop it? Answers to this and more, coming right up from the experts at John Goudie!

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Light Buzzing 101: Common Causes & Fixes

We use lots of different types of lighting these days. From LEDs to the still somewhat standard fluorescent, all lights are possible buzzers. But the causes differ between types somewhat, as do the fixes. Let’s go over some different light sources and possible causes:

  • Fluorescent bulbs. Still the current mainstay in most residential homes, fluorescent bulbs are somewhat dependable, if a bit warm. The two most common causes for the buzzing sound are a failing bulb or a damaged fixture. Start by simply replacing the bulb and you might solve your problem right off the bat. If not, you may want to look into the fixture itself—check for loose or damaged parts. And if that is your cause, a new lighting installation can cover your needs. If neither of these fix the issue, you’re likely looking at a wiring problem, which will definitely require an electrician.
  • CFLs. The bane of many an office worker, CFLs are often found in long fixtures and are known for being obnoxiously buzzy and hummy. The common cause of this is a failing ballast, the component responsible for regulating the bulb’s current. The ballast can become disfigured or begin to bend, which will result in the well-known obnoxious buzz. The good news is ballast replacement is quick and easy in the hands of a pro, but ballast failure is really quite common in these fixtures, so you might consider a new lighting solution.
  • LED bulbs. The up and coming efficient and effective lighting source, LEDs really shouldn’t ever buzz. If you have an LED, and it is buzzing, it’s probably hooked up to a dimmer switch. More correctly, the wrong type of dimmer switch. You specifically want dimmers designed to work with an LED light source, such as an ELV dimmer. Otherwise, you could get a buzz from your LED light. The only other real cause is an electrical issue, so if your LED is buzzing and not on a dimmer, call in for professional electrical repair right away!

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