Dimming Lights and Other Times You Should Call for Electrical Repairs

Concerns with your home’s electricity is a particularly daunting issue and can be a cause of some serious stress. Have you been having trouble with flicking lights, sudden power surges, or problems operating the electricity in your home? If so, the certified specialists at John Goudie Electric may have some of the answers you’ve been looking for!
We’ve compiled a list of the most common causes of electric trouble in a home. Hopefully, this list will assist you in making the decision of when it’s best to contact a professional for electrical repairs.

Common Electrical Issues That Require Electrical Repair

Much of the time, your home is going to let you know when something is wrong with your electricity. It’s all about noting the signs, and understanding how to read them. This list ignores brief, one-off flickers caused by heavy machinery turning on, and storm surges.

  • Power arcing. The most common cause of simultaneous light flickering that persists for a meaningful period of time, power arcing is a very serious issue. Arcing occurs with conductive materials completing a connection in an unwanted manner. For example, if wires that should not be touching are doing so. Arcing carries serious risks for your home and should be handled immediately by a professional. Electricity is no small matter and can be very hazardous.
  • Switches failing. A faulty light switch is easy to spot, as the flickering will only occur for a single bulb (or whatever lights/appliances the switch operates). This carries little in the way of serious risk, but should still be handled by a trusted expert.
  • Voltage issues. As we said before, it’s not necessarily uncommon for lights to fluctuate for brief periods when heavy equipment is in use. That said if the issue persists after the equipment is no longer being used, it could indicate an issue with the voltage load of your home. This issue is often coupled with bulbs that burn out much too quickly.
  • Loose wiring. Loose wires are the number one cause of house fires and are a very real and frightening threat. If you notice frequent flickering, frequent breaker flips, and live appliances (minor “zap” when you touch them with a bare hand), contact a professional for electrical repair immediately. If you ever note these symptoms coupled with a burning, charring smell, shut off the power to your home right away.

Electrical Repair in Maryland

Our team has been handling electrical repairs for over twenty years and has a lot of hands-on time with any and every issue you can imagine. If you suspect you have one of the issues listed above, don’t stress out! Simply call in our certified specialists, and we’ll have your home’s electricity back on track in no time flat. Contact us today to learn more about electrical repairs, or any of our other services!

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