Want a Smarter Home? Start With These 10 Electrical Gadgets

Electrical technology is improving and innovating exponentially every year. For a homeowner, this means more cool gadgets and gizmos to better your home. Some are for convenience, some improve the quality of your life and some are just downright fancy! The experts at Goudie Electric are excited to bring you our top ten list of awesome gadgets you need in your home this year.

Be warned, the items we’ve chosen are a bit on the technical side, and would require a professional hand to handle the electrical wiring. Contact us when you decide to upgrade your home!

Top 10 Electrical Gadgets

Below are the top 10 electrical gadgets you need to install in your home this very minute!

    1. Nest. This smart technology will always keep your house comfortable, even when you’re not there! Get it here.
    2. Remote ceiling fans. With these systems, you can adjust your fan by speed,offering an amazing amount of control on your personal comfort. And, of course, the traditional on/off functions are a given. See our page on ceiling fan installation!

    1. Flooring. That’s right, you can have electric flooring. Why? This one is mostly just awesome, but there’s a nice safety aspect as well. Sensors installed in your floor tiles control pressure activated LED lighting, smartly lighting your way as you move about your home.
    2. Light dimmers. This one sounds like nothing new, right? But were you aware that with current tech, you can set a central panel as a hub? This means you can use a single panel to adjust the lighting in one room, two rooms, or even your entire home.

    1. Backsplash displays. For the kitchen of the future, you can have backsplashes installed in your kitchen with access to the web! Look up recipes, catch a video or just set it to a cool screensaver. Get yours here.
    2. Hub security systems. Not an entirely new piece of technology, but hub security systems are advancing all the same. Voice and motion controls, added options and more sensitive schedule and data storage are making these systems better than ever.
    3. Voice-activated ranges.Would you want to tell your oven what temperature to cook that turkey? Sure, heck, you probably already do. But it actually performing the action by activation of your voice alone is no longer wishful thinking! Get yours here.

    1. Smart vents. These nifty pieces can be programmed to moderate temperature control according to pressure and movement, allowing for supreme control of your home comfort levels.
    2. Upgraded outlets. A great little quality of life piece, in-wall outlets can now come with converters for USB and multi-prong fittings.

  1. Audio-infused bathtubs. Decadence at its best, these fancy pieces use your currently existing music library to generate a playlist while you bathe. The built-in acoustic system creates a soothing vibro-hydrotherapy session.

Get Your Electric Gadgets Installed With John Goudie Electric

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