Tips for Saving Money on Electricity in Your Home

The green movement has been in full swing for years now, making homeowners more and more conservation-conscious and cost wary than ever before. Whether you’re a proponent of energy conservation or not, there is one cause we can allget behind. And that’s saving money on your monthly utility bills. You’ve likely heard plenty of “Save money now” hoorah, and some of them have good points. Some, however, really don’t.

The certified electricians at John Goudie Electric are here to let you know the real methods of saving on your utility bills, sifting the true methods from the bunk! We’ve broken the list down into specific areas of your home in hopes of addressing the biggest contributors to overspending on your electric bills.

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  • Lowering your thermostat when sleeping.Heat is pretty necessary in your day-to-day, but in bed, you’ve got plenty of covers and the natural warmth you generate while sleeping to help. So dropping that thermostat just a couple degrees can save you a lot, and costs you virtually nothing in comfort.
  • Close closets, doors and adjoining bathrooms.Reducing the volume of space your HVAC system needs to control can save a bundle.


  • Use cold water.As often as possible, such as when brushing, use cold water instead of hot. Impulsively using hot water when it’s not necessary requires your heater to compensate, thus higher energy usage.
  • Shower when possible.Baths are tempting, but they use on average three times as much water as a shower. More water equals more energy use!

Living Rooms

  • Computer control.When not in use, your computer’s monitor and power supply eat up energy fairly quickly. To abate this, be sure to turn off these devices when not in use.
  • Seek ENERGY STAR® qualified appliances.This goes for your kitchen as well, but be sure to choose highly rated ENERGY STAR equipment. They didn’t get that rating for just any reason; they are incomparably more efficient than other appliances.
  • Make good use of fans. During the summer, use a ceiling fan when you can. They have a large impact on the perceived temperature of the room, allowing you to use less AC.


  • Conserve light.The kitchen is the number one location for lights being left on in any home, on average. If no one is in the room, this is a huge waste of energy, and can cost you in the long run.
  • Understand settings.Peruse the manual for your fridge and dishwasher. Keeping the optimal temperature, and nothing more, can keep you from overpaying for clean dishes and cold food.

General Home Tips

These apply to any room, and should be considered:

  • Reduce energy-leeching.Appliances that are off, but still plugged in still draw power. The amount of power used is negligible, yes. For any single appliance. But think of all of the things you have plugged in. The television, computer, light-sources, fans, bathroom appliances and toasters in your home alleat up power when plugged in, even when not actively on.
  • Avoid overcharging.Under the same principle of energy-leeching, after your phone or other such electronic is charged, it continues to eat up energy. After something has charged fully, remove it from the charger. This also aids the battery life!

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