What to Look for When Looking for an Electrician in Maryland

When seeking the services of an electrician, homeowners in Maryland are kind of spoiled for choice. Any search engine or phone book can tell you that there are a lot of options out there! At least, it certainly seems that way. The unfortunate truth is that many electricians might simply fail to meet your standards, or worse, may even possibly be attempting a scam.

To ensure your needs are met, you need the services of a trained, certified electrician that can guarantee total satisfaction and the ability to handle the work you need done. But how do you find a professional electrician? How do you separate the shysters from the true experts? Easy, really. It’s all about having the right information!

What to Look For in a Professional Electrician

To be a certified professional business you have to follow a specific set of criteria that meet state requirements and business laws. Beyond that, however, you could still be dealing with someone you do not want the services of. To ensure you get the best experience possible, look for:

  • Proper licensing and certification. To quality as a true company you need appropriate certification. What’s more, you need to be properly certified and licensed in the specific state you’re operating in! State law differs on electrical code and someone that used to operate in New Jersey might not necessarily meet the needs of a Maryland home. If a business lacks licensing at all, they are not a business!
  • Sufficient insurance. An insured company looks out for both its associates and the patrons it serves. Without insurance, your company may well stick you with some unpleasant business and what started as a wiring job could end up something much more taxing.
  • Professionalism. We aren’t saying your electrician should be stuffy or rigid—friendliness is a plus! But your electrician should behave like a professional. This means courtesy, clear indications of expertise, a uniform or name tag, and above all, being helpful. Beyond the expert themselves, the company should also be clearly professional. A fully functional website is a huge plus (nearly a requirement these days), and easy access to licensing, certifications, and contact information is a big deal.
  • Positive peer reviews. Testimonials are a very big deal. In the early days of the internet, click ads and pop ups demanded your attention. But they didn’t really tell you anything important about the service you were viewing. For dependable, trustworthy information, no one speaks louder than a happy customer! Many companies host reviews and testimonials on their website. And if they don’t, a search engine or database (i.e. Google reviews) should work perfectly.
  • Clear, easily understood information. Have you ever received a bill, only to find that absolutely none of the figures or information make a lick of sense? We have too, and it’s downright maddening. A professional should be very clear on all information involved. If the deal doesn’t make sense, or very understandable paperwork isn’t used when the contract is made, walk away! Hidden fees and confusing numbers can cost you loads of money and you needn’t work with a business that refuses to keep you properly informed.

Expert Electrical Services with John Goudie Electric

We never want our patrons to be confused, unhappy, or dissatisfied with our efforts. And to ensure that never happens, we offer a complete, 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our services! This way when you work with a master electrician at John Goudie Electric, you can rest assured that you’re getting the absolute best Maryland can provide.

Need dependable, high-quality electrical services for your Maryland home or business? Contact the certified specialists at John Goudie Electric today to make your appointment!

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