How to Choose a Commercial Electrician in Southern Maryland

Electricity is a vital system in any commercial building. Without stable electricity, your heating, air conditioning, lighting, and appliances won’t work. Businesses can’t function without electricity, so it is vital to find and work with a reliable commercial electrician. Before you choose an electrical contractor in Southern Maryland to install lights or check your wiring, ask the following questions.

Are You Licensed and What Is Your License Number?

The first step in selecting a commercial electrician should be a quick check on the status of their license. A lapsed license can be a big red flag. To ensure all work is up to code, legally installed, and safe for tenants or employees, you’ll want to make sure any electrical contractor you hire is fully licensed and in good standing. Ask for the license number and run a quick search to check their license status in Maryland. When working with John Goudie Electric, you don’t even need to ask. We clearly post our license numbers: #2468 in Maryland and #2710040766 in Virginia.

Do You Have Any References I Can Call?

Any contractor you use should be able to provide you with references. A limited list of references or past customers that don’t answer the phone or return your calls can be a warning sign. A reputable commercial electrician will have a large folio of clients to ask for a reference. Just take a look at the testimonials page for John Goudie Electric to see what positive feedback looks like.

What Electrical Services Do You Offer?

Managing dozens of different vendors eats up a lot of time. The last thing you want to do is spend hours on the phone because your electrician doesn’t handle a specific task. Before you hire, make sure your commercial electrician can handle a range of jobs—you never know what problems may be uncovered! John Goudie Electric offers an impressive list of services in Southern Maryland and Northern Virginia, including:

  • Tenant office build-outs
  • Restaurants
  • Base buildings
  • Panel and sub-panel troubleshooting
  • Parking lot lighting
  • Underground cable break locator
  • Code violation correction
  • Security and outdoor lighting
  • And much more!

By combining planned services with emergency response to outages, John Goudie Electric offers an electrical umbrella that includes virtually any service you might need.

Do You Guarantee Your Work?

When you buy an appliance, you get a manufacturer's warranty. Unfortunately, when you solicit construction work, it often comes without any guarantees. Before you sign off on an estimate, be sure to ask about what happens if the repair fails or doesn’t fix the problem.

Commercial Electrical Contractor in Southern Maryland

When you want quality work done correctly and efficiently, contact us at John Goudie Electric for all of your commercial electric needs in Southern Maryland and Northern Virginia!

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