How to Prepare for Power Outages in Maryland

Interruptions to the electricity in your home or business can cause a complete halt in your life. Not only can it pose dangers and risks, but it also just stops you from doing pretty much anything. And here in Maryland, power outages due to storms and similar weather troubles aren’t all that uncommon. Looking for ways to stay safe and preserve function in the face of power outages? The experts at John Goudie Electric can help!

Our master electricians have been providing top-notch service and dependable quality to home and business owners in Southern Maryland and Northern Virginia for decades. When it comes to all things electric, we can do and fix it all! Your safety and satisfaction are our endless goals, and we want to do our best to ensure you keep both. Sometimes that means providing our services, and sometimes that means some good old fashion tips and information.

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Preparing for Outages: What You Can Do

When it comes to electrical, pretty much everything is about preparation. You prepare your home for more electrical needs with a heavy-up or by adding outlet installation. And emergencies are little different. To be ready for an outage, you can:

  • Prepare an outage kit. First and foremost, let’s talk about safety. Power outages can span anywhere from a minute to days, and you need to be ready for that latter possibility. Keep a kit of medical supplies, preserved non-perishable foods, potable water, and a battery-powered radio in your home at all times. Be sure that it’s easily accessible, and that all family members know where it is.
  • Keep battery-powered appliances. Including the radio in your outage kit, keeping some battery-powered tools around can help you stay safe in an outage. Flashlights in particular are a big one, as are simple cooking tools. We definitely recommend flashlights over candles, as in an emergency situation or an outage, the fire hazard presented by candles is just too much of an unnecessary risk.
  • Install emergency lighting. Security lighting that operates during an outage can be a huge boon to both safety and preserving the function of your home or business. They’re relatively inexpensive, easy for an expert (that’s us!) to install, and can save you a huge headache.
  • Consider a generator installation. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a device that just completely negated the annoyances and risks of an outage? Well there is! Home and business generators are a huge boon during an outage, and can essentially ensure an outage is little more than a blip on your radar.

Generator Installation Services in Maryland

Our experts have been handling generator installation for years now. When it comes to meeting your needs, we can help you select the perfect generator solution for your needs, keeping you safe and ready in any event! We specialize in Generac brand generators, a manufacturer that leads the pack in quality and performance, so you can rest assured that you’re getting only the very best for your emergency electrical needs!

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Whether you want to install a new generator or repair and maintain an older one, we’re the team for the job. Our professional, experienced technicians have years of experience installing Generac generators for customers in Northern VA and Southern MD.
With John Goudie Electric, you can expect top-notch, fast service for your generator installation. We’ll be in and out in a jiffy, and your home will be protected from power outages in time for the next bout of bad weather!

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