Halloween Electrical Safety Tips

Halloween is truly one of the greatest holiday seasons. There are fun, parties, decorating, and above all other things, there’s candy! But while we’re big fans of fun, we prefer safe fun, and the holidays, in general, can come with some risks and complications. In specific, you’re using tons of electric power, which can result in some electric frights you simply don’t want to deal with.

At John Goudie Electric, the only thing we prize more highly than your complete satisfaction is your safety. Getting primed and ready for the holiday season? Let our team of certified master electricians clue you in on some critical electrical safety tips!

Halloween Electrical Safety in Maryland

Today we’ll deal with safe decorating, safe operation of major appliances, and some tips regarding general electrical use:

Lighting & Electrical Fixtures

  • Swap to safer lighting. We would strongly urge the use of LED light strings over traditional incandescent bulb strands. Not only do they literally use a tiny fraction of the power, but they also produce essentially zero heat, meaning they pose far fewer risks overall.
  • Never chain power strips or extension cords. Chaining power cords to each other is a great way to experience a nightmare you don’t want to have this Halloween season! It prevents a lot of electrical fire hazards and simply isn’t worth the risk. If you need more length, purchase longer cords to meet your needs.
  • Be mindful of placement. Never run power strips underneath cloth or fabric like carpet and curtains, and avoid having them run anywhere near furniture. Power strips and extension cords can get pretty hot sometimes and you don’t want to provide ample opportunities for a fire.
  • Use safe hanging guidelines. Never pierce light strands or cords with staples, nails, or any other object. Creating breaks in the cord’s insulation allows wild currents to flow where they shouldn’t be going and can be very, very dangerous for both nearby objects and persons handling the cords.


A jarring number of house fires every year are started in the kitchen. The holidays might have you cooking, but be sure to follow kitchen electrical safety!

  • Never leave items unattended. It might seem obvious, but a huge number of fires reported started when no one was in the kitchen watching the food. Always keep an eye on things.
  • Don’t use outdated appliances. Pulling out an old hot plate for an additional cooking surface might seem like a good idea, but those old appliances are simply incompatible with modern homes and can cause shorts, breaker flips, and far worse.
  • Avoid using too many appliances at once. Lights flickering when you kick on all of your cooking appliances at once? If so, you’re exceeding the safe load your home can use. Either reduce your use or contact an electrician to ask about an electrical panel upgrade!

Superior Service & Electrical Safety in Maryland

This holiday is sure to have fun, get spooked, and eat lots of sugary food. But above all else, be sure to be safe! If you’re having trouble with the electricity in your home, feel free to contact the team at John Goudie Electric today! We can bring you the answers and services you need, and we’re always ready to help!

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