Should I Replace My Electrical Panel?

They go by many names: electrical panel, breaker panel, and panelboard. Some folks even just call them a breaker box. But no matter the name, their function never changes, and they’re an integral part of how well the electricity in your home functions. Not sure what an electrical panel is and whether or not you may need a replacement? Answers to this and more, coming right up by way of the certified master electricians at John Goudie Electric!

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What Is My Electrical Panel?

This explanation can get very complex very quickly, so we’ll just cover the basics and spare you the lesson in electrical science. Put simply, an electrical panel receives electricity from your supplier into the home, and through a series of breakers and circuits, it dictates where power goes and how it is used.

Your panel also acts as a “maximum capacity” for power in your home, putting a cap on how much electricity you can use in your home safely.

Why Is a Panel Upgrade Important?

It’s that second point above that really highlights the importance of a panel upgrade. Modern homes require more and more power these days as appliances, tools, and home functions all become more and more sophisticated. For example, if your home is a hundred years old, it wasn’t designed electrically to accommodate say, a microwave. At some point down the line, the wiring and panel were upgraded to allow for the use of that appliance.

This is the key reason a panel upgrade is key to your home. To accommodate and operate your electronics safety and effectively!

When Do I Need a Panel Upgrade?

There are actually tons of signs that you may need a panel upgrade, as it is directly tied to the use of power throughout your entire home. Here are a few of the most common signs:

  • Flickering lights
  • Brief jolts in power when appliances operate (microwave, washer, etc.)
  • Frequent breaker trips
  • Age (a panel upgrade is a good idea)
  • Melted wires
  • Signs of burning in or around outlets
  • Your home still uses a fuse box system instead of breakers
  • Appliances frequently overheat
  • Breakers trip when you plug in new appliances

These are just a few of the possible complications of an outdated or damaged panel. Generally, you should always seek the assistance of a professional electrician any time you find yourself at odds with the electronics in your home. Keep in mind that electricity can be very dangerous if neglected, so if you’re experiencing complications, get them checked immediately!

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