Holiday Lighting Tips for Southern Maryland Homeowners

It almost feels like we were ducking record high temperatures and high humidity just last week. And yet, it won’t be long now before we’re going to be decking halls, dodging mistletoe, and hanging Holiday lights! But before you dig in on your decorating this year, the experts at John Goudie Electric have some important matters to discuss about lighting safety.

Safety is the number one most important thing to our certified electricians in Maryland. Yes, even more important than top-class services (though we certainly do that, too)! Holiday lights are a ton of fun, but they’re also one of the biggest sources for electrical fire come the holidays. But the dangers can be avoided, and we aim to arm you with the knowledge you need to stay safe this season.

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Holiday Lighting Safety: Choosing Your Lighting

One of the biggest sources of electrical danger comes not from shoddy hanging or inadvisable hanging locations, but from the lights themselves. Many homeowners like to try to use old lights, both for economic reasons, and simply because it’s easier. But that’s not really a great idea!

Why? Because traditional lights are actually kind of risk-laden. They generate a lot of heat, which can be a big risk when they’re placed around your tree, or hung from combustible materials. Additionally, they actually chew up a lot of electrical power, making those already high winter costs even harder to stomach. The solution? LED lights!

LED holiday lights use as low as a tenth of the power of traditional strands, give off no heat at all and are extremely safe in any home application. As an added bonus, they’ll save on energy bills and last for years and years when compared to old strands.

Light Hanging Safety

Now that you’ve made the move to glorious LED, it’s time to start hanging. Use these tips and guidelines to avoid any unnecessary electrical risk this holiday season:

  • Use light clips. Staples and nails may be easy to come by, but they can puncture strands and expose you to electrical shock or home fires. Light clips are available in most hardware stores during the holidays. They are way safer and make the hanging process go way faster, to boot.
  • Don’t chain extension cords. If you need to reach a far-off outlet, you can do one of two things. One, get a longer extension cord (rated for indoor or outdoor use as needed—don’t use the wrong ones). Or two, seek new outlet installation, which is the more permanent and functional solution. Never chain extension cords! It’s a fire waiting to happen and is never worth the risk.
  • Never cover lights. And not just lights—cords, appliances, lights, and any other electrical application should never be covered with combustible materials like carpets or cloth of any kind. Wood is out of the question, too. Even though LEDs generate virtually no heat, they’re still a set of wires, and if damaged, can potentially set fire to the items they’re around. Keep everything free and clear of combustible materials at all times!

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