How to Keep Halloween Decorations Safe

Halloween is a fun and celebratory time of year that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. Just as it’s important to check candy for signs of tampering and wear reflective clothing to remain visible to traffic, there are a number of precautions to consider when decorating your home and yard, to ensure the safety of all who visit and live there.

The team of professionals at John Goudie Electric want everyone to have a safe and happy Halloween. We are pleased to provide you with a list of important electrical safety tips to prevent injury or damage to people or your property.

Decorate for Safety This Halloween

Keep your family and guests safe throughout the season with thoughtful planning and our list of guidelines for safe decorating.

  • Inspect your decorations. Whether new or old, carefully inspect your decorations before displaying them, watching for any loose or exposed wires, loose connections, or cracked or frayed plugs. Discard those items which are damaged or unsafe to use.
  • Be secure. Securely fasten outdoor lighting to fences, trees, doors, or walls to protect them from damage from wind or friction. Avoid using nails or tacks, opting instead for insulated staples, or a series of plastic hooks to suspend lighting strings. Be careful not to staple through lighting cords or extension cords, which may result in electric shock or pose a fire hazard.
  • Take it easy. Don’t overload sockets, extension cords, or circuits, plugging in a maximum of three standard light strings in to each single extension cord.
  • Protect yourself. Plug outdoor lights and decorations in to a portable outdoor ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) to protect yourself from electrical shocks. These can be found at most home improvement stores, or your licensed electrician can install a permanent GFCI to your existing electrical.
  • Read labels. Look for the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) label on packaging materials, and on light strings and extension cords. Ensure any decorations or lights used outside are rated for outdoor use.
  • Shut down each evening. Unplug any and all lights and decorations prior to leaving the premises, and before going to bed for the night.

Additional Halloween Electrical Safety Tips

Keep young and old visitors safe as they roam the neighborhood, with tips to help avoid damage, or injury.

  • Provide adequate lighting. Although the cover of darkness adds to the ambiance of the night, ensure there is a well lit path to and from your door.
  • Beware of tripping hazards. Avoid stringing lights or cords across your walkway, and clear your walkway, steps, and front porch of any obstacles that may cause visitors to trip or lose their balance. Highlight immovable objects such as tree roots or lifted concrete with clear signage or create a temporary, alternative path around them.
  • Avoid open flames. Rather than using candles to illuminate your pumpkins, windows, or porch, choose fire-safe battery operated candles, or LED lights instead.

Professional Electrical Services In Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland

With the right equipment and careful preparation, you can make this Halloween a safe, enjoyable holiday for all. For all your electrical needs beyond Halloween decorations, including electrical installation, maintenance, and repair, trust the experts at John Goudie Electric.

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