Benefits of Commercial LED Retrofits

Are you looking to make a long-term investment in your commercial property? Whether you want to save money or improve your company’s environmental stewardship, a commercial LED retrofit could be the right move. John Goudie Electric offers lighting retrofits and installation in the Southern Maryland and Northern Virginia areas.

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Here are the benefits you can count on when you choose Goudie Electric to replace your conventional light fixtures with LED lighting:

Lower Your Monthly Lighting Bill

If you still illuminate your business with conventional incandescent bulbs, you are paying way too much for commercial lighting. It costs $169 to operate an incandescent light for 25,000 hours at $0.15 per watt—not to mention the cost of replacing the bulbs 20 times to achieve that run time. Incandescent technology is so outdated that these bulbs aren’t even available for purchase anymore.

Even if you’ve already upgraded your lighting to compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), you still stand to save with an LED retrofit. The cost to operate a CFL for 25,000 hours at $0.15 per watt is $52, and you’ll need to replace the bulb three times to achieve that run time.

Compare these figures to an LED bulb, which costs $30 to operate for 25,000 hours—the average lifespan of these long-lasting lights. At this rate, the cost of an LED retrofit could pay you back in energy savings alone after just a few years.

Reap Economic Benefits

Even more savings await you in the form of energy tax credits, utility rebates, and other economic benefits available to commercial building owners who make energy-efficient lighting a top priority. The Energy Policy Act of 2005 may entitle you to a $0.60 per square foot tax deduction anywhere you install LED lights and controls in your building. You may also qualify for rebates from your utility company for your energy-saving upgrade. With so many opportunities to benefit, an LED retrofit makes sense for most businesses.

Decrease Maintenance Requirements

A single LED lasts 25,000 hours. In comparison, an incandescent light only lasts about 1,200 hours, and CFLs peak at approximately 8,000 hours. Every time a bulb burns out, it becomes a top priority to replace it, both for functional purposes and to prevent giving off a poor impression to your customers.

Unfortunately, changing light bulbs is inconvenient and often hazardous if the fixture is located on a vaulted ceiling. LEDs are the longest-lasting bulbs on the market today, meaning you don’t have to worry about replacing them for many years, even if they’re on for several hours each day.

Do Your Part for the Environment

Consuming less electricity to light your business is a great way to improve your environmental stewardship. After all, lower energy consumption means decreasing your building’s carbon footprint. Plus, LEDs don’t contain mercury the way CFLs do, which is more good news for the environment. LEDs also last 20 times longer than incandescent lights and three times longer than CFLs, meaning less waste ends up in the landfill.

Improve Workplace Visibility and Safety

LEDs are not only known for their energy efficiency, but also for their bright, high-quality illumination. By installing these lights in demanding work areas, you may cut down on injuries and accidents. The improved lighting has even been known to boost worker productivity by three to five percent.

Make Your Merchandise More Attractive

Better lighting is certainly beneficial for your employees, but it also makes an impression on your customers. LED lights emit a beautiful white glow, helping to make the products you have on display look their very best. This means a commercial LED retrofit may actually boost your sales and improve your bottom line. Car dealerships, jewelry stores, and other high-end retail locations benefit the most from the enhanced appearance of product displays lit by LEDs.

Implement Smart Technology

Efficient commercial lighting does more than simply save you money in various ways—it also opens the door for smart technology. LEDs contain semiconductors, which makes them inherently controllable. The simplest application for an LED lighting network is to dim or turn off lights when people aren’t around to save electricity.

But this is only the beginning! Sensors in LED fixtures can also harvest information about building occupancy, sending a message to the HVAC system to adjust the temperature accordingly. You can even receive automatic reports regarding conference room attendance or the use of resources in different departments. The capabilities are endless, and it’s all possible after a commercial LED retrofit from John Goudie Electric.

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