Are You Prepared for Storm Damage? Keep Reading for the Signs and Causes of Electrical Failures from Storms

The experts at John Goudie Electric are here today to tell you about the how what and why of storm damage, and what types of storms can cause a power outage. Why? Because a well-informed individual stands a much better chance at identifying when they need to call on professional help. Also, this helps you know what steps you can take to mitigate these potential issues in the future!

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What Types of Storms Cause Noticeable Electrical Damage

When it comes down to it, any storm has the potential to cause some pretty serious storm damage. However, there are a few, in particular, we deal with on a fairly regular basis in the Maryland area.

  • Hurricanes. Maryland has had over fifty hurricanes on record in the last thirty years. This means damaging winds, extreme precipitation, and plenty of lightning, which all pose a threat to your electrical systems. It’s because of hurricanes that we strongly suggest the use of generators in our area!
  • Tornadoes. With an average of three a year, it pays to be prepared for the torrential winds of a tornado. These are capable of ripping out power lines like it’s nothing, and much like hurricanes, we recommend the use of personal generators.
  • Lightning storms. The current of a bolt of lightning can fry the electricity of an entire city block, and can easily trip your breakers. If lightning has damaged wires in your neighborhood, stay as far away from them as possible and call us immediately.
  • Ice and snowstorms. We’re no strangers to some bizarre winters, and a solid snowfall poses a pretty strong threat to power cables, often breaking them due to excess weight.

How Can I Tell What Kind of Storm Damage I Have?

A brief checklist will usually put you on the right path to what’s wrong with your electrical system, and whether or not you need to call a professional:

  • Check your breakers. They may have simply flipped due to an overload, and can simply be re-enabled
  • Check the homes of your neighbors. If they are without power as well, it’s likely that a line is down somewhere nearby.
  • If neither of these is the case, something has most likely gone wrong in your home’s electrical system. If this is the case, do not attempt to investigate further. Electricity is nothing to fool with and is capable of creating plenty of problems for an unwary homeowner.

When to Call for Electrical Help

It’s almost always best to contact a professional any time there is an issue with your electricity. Whether it’s loose or damaged wiring, faulty breakers or any number of other issues, it’s not something you want to attempt to handle on your own.

Concerned about storm damage in your home? Contact the professionals at John Goudie Electric! We’ve been proudly serving the Maryland area for nearly thirty years, and our team has the skill, technology, and expertise to take care of your every need.