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Heavy Ups & Electrical Panel Upgrades in Southern Maryland

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Modern technology moves at an alarming rate, making leaps and bounds nearly every year. With it, we benefit vastly through quality of life improvements, gadgets, and improved methods of control. Trouble is, most of these require more and more electricity to operate optimally (or even properly, for that matter). This means if your panel hasn’t been updated recently, you can be exposed to risks or your home may be incapable of supporting your needs.

electrical panel installation and upgrade in Southern MarylandAt John Goudie Electric, our certified electricians offer superior panel upgrade services throughout Southern Maryland and Northern Virginia, including but not limited to:

Never ask “Where can I find electrical panel upgrade service near me?” again! We can improve the safety and performance of electricity in your Maryland or Virginia home—guaranteed. Contact John Goudie Electric today to learn more about electrical panel installation or to set an appointment.

What Is an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

Put very simply, your panel is a series of wires and switches (breakers) that dictate where power goes in your home, and how much goes to each circuit. Your panel is responsible for meting out the appropriate amount of voltage needed to power a set of outlets in your home, often related to specific areas or rooms.

Essentially, the panel dictates the “maximum capacity” of electricity within your home. An upgrade aims to optimize and update breakers and wiring to ensure your electricity needs are met, and that everything remains safe.

A heavy up electrical panel upgrade increases electrical capacity, which is usually needed when your home or business is remodeled, upgraded, or changed. Standard electrical panels can provide 100, 150, 200, 325, 400, 600, or 800 amps of power, allowing more potential circuits to be added. A panel upgrade is also performed to replace outdated electric panel equipment. A heavy up electrical panel upgrade improves the safety and reliability of your electrical system, adds value to your home or business, and gives you peace-of-mind.

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When Do I Need Electrical Panel Installation & Replacement?

The simple answer is that you need an electrical panel installation and upgrade any time your current panel is not meeting your needs. This can come from a variety of situations, including:

  • Installation of large or new appliances: Whether it’s a new stove in the kitchen or a new hot tub on the porch, you should consult Goudie Electric about a heavy up electrical panel upgrade. Usually, when you add any larger devices to your home, your electrical service will need an upgrade to meet the demand.
  • Home expansion, remodeling, or home construction: If you’re planning a remodel or a renovation of your current home, you may need to add more amperage to cover additions. You have numerous options when it comes to heavy ups, and Goudie Electric can help you decide how much extra power you’re going to need.
  • Constant flickering lights or frequent breaker flips: You may need an electrical panel upgrade or heavy up if your breaker trips for no apparent reason, or if your lights flicker when you turn on certain appliances. A heavy up will increase the amount of amperage in your home and also give you additional space in your panel to add more circuits.
  • Current system still uses fuse box: When it comes to maintaining the electricity in your home, breakers are simpler, more effective, and are safer at higher capacities than a fuse box.
  • Current panel hasn’t been upgraded in a decade or more: If your current electrical panel is more than 20 years old, you may want to look into scheduling an electrical panel installation and replacement. Overloading the electrical panel in your home is a big fire hazard, and it’s easier to overload older panels.

Signs of Unsafe Electrical Panels

If your home is more than 25 years old, you will want to check for outdated electrical panels such as Federal Pacific, Zinsco, I-T-E Pushmatic, or GTE/Sylvania brand. These brands are not available anymore because of safety issues. If your home has one of these brands, we recommend an immediate electric panel heavy up for your home and family’s safety.

If you have a fuse box the biggest danger is overloading the circuits. Overloaded circuits can lead to tripped breakers, blown fuses, and potentially dangerous shocks. Most fuse boxes handle between 30 and 60 amps of power, versus the 100 – 200 amps that the average household requires today. This makes oversizing or attempting to bypass a fuse especially hazardous. We recommend upgrading your electrical panel if you live in a home that still has fuses.

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