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Outlet Wiring

Is your home or business somewhat lacking in the outlet department? If you struggle to find a place to plug in your favorite electrical appliances, or just need to accommodate for new fixtures, appliances or electrical machinery, consider calling on the experts at John Goudie to meet your electrical needs!

Our certified specialists and electricians in Maryland and Virginia have been handling industry-leading projects for over twenty five years, and boast all of the skill and service you could ever expect from a professional. We’ve built our business on exceeding expectations, and you can trust our master electricians to deliver only the very best!

Need an outlet wiring professional that is sure to satisfy? Contact the electricians at John Goudie Electric today!

Outlet Installation in Maryland & Virginia

There are a few variations when it comes to outlet installation and wiring. The decision of which outlet you need primarily comes down to the appliance you are trying to utilize in your space, and the limitations of your existing wiring. The three common variants of outlet are:

  • Standard two prong outlets. You’re most likely the most familiar with the two prong style of outlet. These are the oldest outlet types, and are generally found in most structures. They apply to most general appliances, excluding heavier machinery like refrigerators, or a washing machine.
  • Standard three prong outlets.  Three prong outlets feature a “Ground” plug (that’s the round hole at the bottom of the two vertical holes). These provide greater electrical safety, and can handle higher voltages than two prongs.
  • GFCI outlets. A GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, or Residual Current Device) is a more recent addition to the outlet world. They provide an auxiliary function that will temporarily disable the electric current supplied to your outlet in the event of an overload, arcing or a ground fault. This is a safety feature, and one that is becoming more and more crucial as electricity advances.

So which outlet do you need for your home or business? You can trust the professionals at John Goudie Electric to assist you in choosing the right fit for your needs!

Can I Handle Outlet Wiring Myself?

As a general rule of thumb, we wholeheartedly discourage DIY solutions at John Goudie Electric. There are plenty of projects a homeowner could be expected to learn rather quickly, and be quite good at as well. But electricity leaves no margin for error, and one misstep could spell some very serious consequences. Electricity is dangerous, and without the full understanding of a trained professional, you could end up with some serious damage, both to your home, and to yourself.

USB Port Outlet Installations

We’ve seen the demand for USB port installation steadily rise over the years, and our professionals are quite happy to keep up with the rise in popularity. Our team can install fresh USB ports for use in your home in a flash!

Outlet Wiring in Maryland & Virginia

No matter your wiring needs, our experts can bring you the very best in service and skill. Contact John Goudie Electric today to learn more about our outlet wiring services, to learn more about other residential or commercial electrical services we provide, or to set up an appointment!