5 Places in Your Home That Need Additional Lighting

Have you ever noticed that there are places in your home that seem to always be in shadow? In this month’s blog post, we’ll show you five places in your home you never knew you needed lighting. By adding lighting in these places, you’re not only enhancing the beauty of your home, you’re illuminating task areas, highlighting beautiful artwork, and helping to make your home safer by lighting areas prone to cause falls. 

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Where Should You Put Lighting in Your Home?

1. Along Your Stairs

You might think that having an overhead light above your stairs is enough, but what about at night, when you don’t want to turn on the hall light and wake everybody up? Installing lights along your stairs not only provides a soft glow in the evening hours, it helps reduce the possibility of tripping in the dark and hurting yourself.

2. Under the Kitchen Cabinets

Under-cabinet lighting, or task lighting, is a great way to illuminate working spaces on your counter and eliminate shadows that make it difficult to see what you’re doing. There are a few different types of under-cabinet lighting, which means you can always find the perfect one that suits your home design.

Fluorescent strips are what you think of in older homes built in the 1980s and 1990s. You probably imagine waiting for them to warm up and flicker to life, but that’s not how modern day fluorescent lights are. Modern fluorescent strips don’t flicker, don’t have a delay when you turn them on, and have a much improved color.

Puck lights are hockey-puck-shaped lights that sometimes don’t even need to be wired in. They are a great option for more ornamental task lighting and for rental kitchens.

Last but not least is an LED rope or strip light. They look a lot like florescent lights, but the LED lights last a much longer time. If you aren’t sure what type of under-cabinet lighting would work best for your home, contact a specialist at John Goudie Electric for a professional opinion!

3. In Your Shower

You’d be surprised how much more relaxing and spa-like a shower can feel with the right lighting above it. In-shower lighting erases those shadowy corners and changes a dark space into a bright, comfortable, warm one.

4. In Your Cabinets

If you have any china or decorative dishes, you have got to get in-cabinet lighting. It’s perfect for anyone wanting to showcase good china or collectibles and can really add a “wow” factor to a basement bar. Have you ever seen a magnificent cabinet that just seems lost in the dark? In-cabinet lighting can fix that. Are you sick of rummaging through dark cabinets trying to find something? Put lighting inside, and you’ll never grope in the dark again.

5. Over Your Fireplace

It might seem odd to put lights above your fireplace, but most fireplaces have mantels, and most mantels feature artwork, figurines, or other décor meant to be displayed. Highlight them with recessed, angled lighting that will focus the light on one spot on your mantel to highlight artwork or maybe an old clock.

Install Additional Residential Lighting in Southern Maryland or Northern Virginia

The right lighting can add so many small but important touches to your home. It can create a model-home-like feeling and refresh tired, dark spaces. No matter if you’re installing new lighting to enhance your home or are replacing old ones, contact John Goudie Electric to get the job done!

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