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Residential Lighting Installation in Southern MD & Northern VA

John Goudie Electric is your preferred electrician for installing recessed lighting, outdoor lighting, under-cabinet lighting, track lighting, chandeliers and more!

Changing the lighting in your home can make as big a difference as an entire home renovation. You can use lighting to highlight a painting or object, brighten a room, or even create a relaxing ambience. Not only can installing new lighting change the look and feel of your home, it’s also much less expensive than a home remodel.

Can you barely see your cookbook or cutting board when you’re in the kitchen? Are shadows in your cabinets making the room look dark and gloomy? Installing task or accent lighting will brighten up your spaces and eliminate gloomy shadows.

John Goudie Electric can help create your dream home atmosphere with:

What are you waiting for? Give your home a facelift with barely any work! Light up a task area so you can see what you’re doing! Install dimmers to make your dining room feel like a romantic restaurant! Call John Goudie Electric today at 301-609-9450 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation.

Types of Lighting

There are typically three types of lighting that homeowners in Southern Maryland and Northern Virginia use in their homes:

  • Task lighting: These types of lights provide illumination for specific tasks, like doing the dishes or cooking. One type of task lighting you probably already have is the light above the oven range.
  • Accent lighting: Accent lighting highlights specific qualities around your home. You could use an accent light in the cabinets to show off your grandmother’s china, or above a brilliant mosaic you want all your guests to be sure to see.
  • General or ambient lighting: when you think of general lighting, you can normally think of the largest lights in the room. General lighting is used to illuminate a whole area, and is usually brighter than accent or task lighting.

Kitchen and Bathroom Lighting Installation

The kitchen and bathroom are two of the most important places in your home to be well-lit. With the wrong lighting, you could burn yourself while cooking or cut yourself shaving in the bathroom.  Using a combination of task, accent and ambient light works well in these two rooms, especially:

  • Pendant lights
  • Track lighting
  • Wall-mounted lights
  • Recessed lighting
  • Vanity lighting
  • Under- and in-cabinet lighting

Need some ideas for kitchen lighting and bathroom lights? Just ask us! Our friendly customer service representatives and electricians love to help you come up with lighting solutions for your home.

Recessed Lighting Installation

Recessed lighting can be used as task, accent, or general lighting, and looks great in all styles and types of homes. Installing recessed lighting is a good choice for any homeowner, especially if you want to keep a smooth ceiling surface.

You have tons of options when it comes to recessed lighting installation. Each recessed light is formed of two components—the housing and the trim. The housing refers to the way the lighting is mounted, and the trim is the visible part that frames the bulb.

Outdoor and Landscape Lighting Installation

Installing landscape and outdoor lighting will not only accent your beautiful garden, patio, or pool area, it will also provide extra security and safety to your home. Motion sensors and timers can deter unwanted visitors, and lighting up the walkways through your backyard can reduce the risk of slips and falls. Have a pool or hot tub? Make sure they’re well-lit so the fun can continue after dark.

Different types of outdoor and landscape lighting include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Security lighting
  • Path/walkway lighting
  • Spot and floodlights
  • Pool and hot tub lighting
  • Garage and shed lighting
  • Porch lighting
  • Tree lighting
  • And more!

Under-cabinet, Task, and Accent Lighting

Under-cabinet, task, and accent lighting reduces shadows that are created by wall cabinets and overhead lighting, providing you with a clearer view. When your cabinet lighting is properly spaced, it will completely eliminate all those dark shadows. If you’re using under-cabinet lighting to get rid of shadows under your kitchen cabinets, it is recommended that you install a light every 20-30 inches over your counter space to ensure there aren’t any shadows left.

You can install task or accent lighting any place you think needs a little extra illumination. This includes:

  • In or under cabinets
  • Highlighting bookshelves
  • Over an art piece
  • Above the mantle
  • Along the stairs
  • In a storage space
  • And more!

Installing Chandeliers and Ambient Light

Ambient lighting provides general light for a room or area. Ambient light can come in the form of chandeliers, pendant lights, or ceiling-mounted fixtures. This type of lighting is usually found in many places of the home and can be installed with a dimmer so you can adjust the amount of light the fixture gives off.

Ceiling-mounted fixtures are excellent sources of ambient light, and wall-mounted fixtures can also be used for general lighting. Your style, the size of the room, and the amount of light needed are all things to consider when choosing the right ambient light.

Installing a chandelier takes the best electricians in Maryland to get the job done, and you can trust the professionals at John Goudie Electric!

John Goudie Electric: Your Preferred Lighting Electrician in Southern Maryland and Northern Virginia

Lighting installation isn’t a DIY job. No matter your lighting project, you can count on the electricians at John Goudie Electric. We value our reputation and hold our technicians to the highest of standards. Our family-run business has outranked our Maryland and Virginia competitors since 1987 with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. For any residential electrical installation project in Southern Maryland or Northern Virginia, contact the lighting experts at John Goudie Electric!