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Electric Car Charging Ports in MD & VA

As the proud owner of an electric vehicle (EV), or hybrid vehicle, you enjoy a lot of really unique and awesome benefits. Electric vehicle tech has advanced extremely rapidly in the past decade, providing owners with perks like quieter and smoother rides, lower overall fuel costs, and the sheer convenience of never needing to take trips to the gas station.

Initially, there was one major caveat to owning these vehicles. Charging them was a little bit inconvenient as it takes a while and charging stations weren’t quite widespread in the early days. We’re happy to say this is no longer an issue! With the advent of exceptionally efficient home charging stations, homeowners can enjoy all of the benefits of EVs without any major downsides to speak of.

Never ask “Where can I find electric charging station installers near me?” again. If you’re looking to have a charging station installed at your home in Northern Virginia or Southern Maryland, the experts at John Goudie Electric can help! Contact us today to learn more or to set a date for your professional home charging station installation.

What Are EV Charging Stations?

An electric vehicle charging station, also called a charging port or EVSE for short, is a device that allows the charging of EVs at home. These systems are occasionally simply called “chargers,” but the term is actually incorrect, as the actual charging device for EVs resides within the vehicle itself. A charging station simply allows access to the power your vehicle needs.

These EVSEs make use of a dedicated circuit to allow a plug and socket system to plug directly into your electric car. And voila! Your EV can be charging overnight, allowing you access to consistent power and obviating the need for frustrating trips to public charging stations.

EV Car Charging Station Installation

The certified electricians at John Goudie Electric carry all of the knowledge, skill, and experience needed to ensure your charging station is installed perfectly to meet your charging needs! A space will be chosen (usually garages or where the vehicle is parked most frequently) to have your charging station installed. Our team will get to work right away, installing your system quickly and effectively to get you access to the power you need!

Your station will be expertly matched to your vehicle’s specific needs, supplying the power it needs to optimally charge its internal batteries for the next day.

The Benefits of a Car Charging Port

It’s all about access, of course, but there are some other benefits to seeking an at-home system as well, including:

  • Convenience. For the reasonable cost of installation, you get full access to dependable power. No more complicated public systems or fighting to get the power you need. It’s all at home and as simple as a plug and go!
  • Faster charging. EVSEs can be set up to deliver faster, more effective power. The result is a vehicle that is ready to go a lot sooner than one that is simply plugged into a public outlet.
  • Additional perks. Charging ports can also come with Wi-Fi accessibility, giving you access to apps like timers, display systems, data collection, and monitoring systems. They aren’t necessary of course, but they can add a lot of cool benefits!

Electric Car Charging Port Installation in MD & VA

If you have an EV and need to install an EVSE in your home, there’s only name you need to know: John Goudie Electric. We never want our patrons to be confused, unhappy, or dissatisfied with our efforts. And to ensure that never happens, we offer a complete, 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our services! This way when you work with a master electrician at John Goudie Electric, you can rest assured that you’re getting the absolute best Maryland can provide. No matter your electrical installation project, you can count on the electricians at John Goudie Electric. We value our reputation and hold our technicians to the highest of standards.

For electric car charging port installation in Southern Maryland or Northern Virginia, contact the experts at John Goudie Electric to schedule an appointment—(301) 609-9450!